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Color: Black
Color: Purple Grey
Color: Snow White | Size: M/38
Color: Olive Green | Size: XL/42
Color: Snow White | Size: S/36
Color: Turquoise Blue | Size: S/36
Color: Midnight Black | Size: L/40

Bandeau bikinis

The bandeau bikini is your ideal companion for the beach and the sea! If you're looking for a fresh alternative to the classic one-piece swimsuit that is no longer in fashion or to some other bikini designs that you didn't find exciting on your last summer holiday, then a bandeau model is the first choice! The bandeau bikini is nothing less than a classic and it has already gained a firm place among the most popular two-pieces. It is not only for this reason that many designer brands are constantly reinterpreting it, because it can be varied and combined in many different ways. So it's no wonder that the bandeau bikini finds its fan community anew every summer season.

At Bikinilista you will find a wide range of fashionable bandeau designs in different designs that always perfectly showcase your personal figure type - interesting cuts and the durable material give it the special flexibility to perfectly adapt to your body shape. And with the removable pads, the Bikinilista bandeau bikinis are suitable for every cup size, because they give you a comfortable support.

In addition, our bandeau bikinis are available in a wide range of different colours, from bold to subtle shades, with which you can combine your favourite model, make a clear statement and thus express your individuality even more beautifully.

Popular and always newly interpreted: the bandeau bikini

As its name suggests, the band that typically makes up its top is the characteristic element of the bandeau bikini, which makes it instantly recognisable and gives it its name. In its classic form, the top of the bandeau bikini doesn't have any straps, so the particularly elastic and supple fabric it is made of, combined with a refined body-hugging cut, ensures that it fits any type of figure perfectly without constricting you, making you feel secure in any situation, whether it's on the beach, swimming or doing sports.

The strapless cut also gives you a seamless, even tan when sunbathing, without any annoying stripes, which is not the case with many other types of bikini.

With many bandeau bikinis, the characteristic band is not always straight, but gathered in the middle between the cups or also on the side: This emphasizes the shape of your chest more discreetly or more strongly, depending on the cut, and you can show more skin with a tighter cut. With the Bikinilista bandeau bikinis you have the choice of the design of the bandeau - for example between casual bows, discreet loops, simple knots and many other interesting details that set varied accents here.

Although the bandeau bikini was originally designed without straps to emphasize the bandeau, it is now also available with straps that offer further scope for interpretation and give each model its own character: from casual to playful to functional. The straps of the designs from Bikinilista are always designed so discreetly that they do not get in the way when tanning. The straps also allow you to spontaneously adjust the fit to your individual figure.

Versatile combinable shapes

In order to offer you a wider choice, the Bikinilista designs combine bandeau tops with a wide variety of briefs - depending on whether you prefer sporty, elegant or even seductive - from low panties to hip-high briefs and tight thongs. The different cuts and varied lines of the respective bandeau designs emphasise legs, hips or bottom, which are accentuated by further details in the fabric. You will always cut a fine figure! The classic bandeau bikini is always recognisable at first glance - and when you're ready for something new, a more daring reinterpretation is sure to earn you admiring glances.

Although the bandeau bikini is best worn solo, you can of course wear it with other summer clothes, depending on the occasion for which you want to stage your perfect appearance. Combine it with a light and airy scarf - plain or with a subtle pattern, a casual blouse or a pair of simple summer trousers and you are well dressed for any event at the beach. The bandeau bikini is also a suitable addition to a top or a dress.

Show your colours

The bandeau bikini has a particularly strong effect when worn in one colour. At Bikinilista you will find each model in four different colours that make a clear statement or can be combined with your personal skin tone: In addition to bright, intense shades that represent summer and the glow of the sun, you'll also find cooler as well as more subtle shades with which you can show courage to contrast. Of course, you'll also find the classic, passionate black, which is timelessly valid, as well as its counterpart in a radiant white, which always conveys lightness and elegance.

With a bandeau bikini from Bikinilista you are the beach star

With Bikinilista's wide range of bandeau bikinis, the summer feeling is already starting for you. Let yourself be inspired by the different designs and colours and find the bandeau bikini that will put you and your figure in the best light, so that you are the star of the next beach party.